How Artcademy conduct online art classes in London

ARTACADEMY offers online art classes on drawing, oil and watercolour painting, as well as professional advice and assistance regarding any art techniques you might be interested in.


The classes are conducted via video chat, so our resident artist will be able to answer your questions, as well as demonstrate you the best way to approach particular styles and techniques or achieve your artistic goals.

Our area of expertise includes various techniques and styles: pencil and ink drawings and sketches, watercolour and oil painting, Chinese painting, illustration and 2D design.

You can participate in our online classes regardless of your age, goals, previous experience or lack thereof. Whether drawing and painting are your hobbies, or you are planning on entering the professional fields of arts, design, and illustration, our classes would be helpful. For the duration of the class, you have the undivided attention of your mentor, so it may be guaranteed that your specific questions would be answered and goals met.

How does it work?

art-classes-in-londonYou sign up on our website and enter video chat, using your registration information. A typical session lasts 30 minutes, but you may prolong it when needed. Via video chat, our teacher would be able to advise you on your current art project or offer the tips on how to get started.

We offer you a comfortable system of payment via credit/debit card.

Why online art classes by Artacademy?

In comparison to the regular classes, the prices are far more affordable. Moreover, you would save the time usually spent in the transport, and focus all your energy on creativity instead of traffic jams.

Who may participate in online art classes?

We are indiscriminate regarding your previous experience, goals, and expectations. Our resident artist would provide you a comprehensive guidance if you are just getting started, offer a piece of advice on an on-going project, or help you set the program and promote your progress if you are preparing for enrolling the art or design courses at a university.

Online art classes by Artacademy are an easy and affordable way to get a professional art advice without wasting your time and money.