Artacademia, the Art studio creates the best academic drawing classes in London with practical advice for beginners on how to draw simple forms and an interesting additional training for those who has been there for some time.

Let’s start with newbie level, whereas some might say it is hard to start with the blank sheet of paper we skip the theory and compress two courses into one where practical drawing comes along with theoretical advice. This mixture transforms into very effective lessons where a person with zero experience can construct, draw and hatch the cube figure during 2 hours session.

That sounds odd nonetheless Artacademia stick to it’s own studies and techniques hence the express results come with expected satisfaction.

Our philosophy is to teach you technique of how to draw simple forms, cube, sphere, pyramid. After first level comes second with more complex figures like pieces of Greek ornaments, flowers, cups and tea pods, vases etc. Then, the course turns to the mid-level of academic drawing, the head of famous philosophers and the last stop is full scale humane figure.

To be more specific in description of Artacademia drawing classes we should emphasize it’s academic character where one would neglect the lack of form or hatch, the worng drawing of the form, we return to the basics of correct scaling, mesuring and future accumulation of knoledge that transofrm into skills and quality as well as total absance of distraction in front of any art challange.