Artacademia-Art classes teachers

We wish to list all the artist who teach on our classes but the most acclaimed will be posted in this section.

First of all we would like to share an experienced, knowlegeble artist of our art studio Alex Lanser.

His art work presented in this category will charm and inspire most of student-artists.

Alex Zastanchenko studied at National School of arts and National Academy of Fine art, Kiev. Alex, when entering the National Academy of Arts, was already possessed with Classical art, largely inspired by H. Bosch, Georgiane , Caravaggio, Pantormo and other classical artists.

As a member of the generation whose education began in times of 1970-s  he graduated from National Academy of Fine arts (faculty of composition and theatrical art). Ever science becoming involved in painting, he has displayed his works in numerous exhibitions both at home and abroad. Alongside with his career as an artist Alex extensively worked in publishing agencies. This activity left him a feedback record of more than 60 books personally illustrated by him. Beginning in 1987 he has held one-man exhibitions in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine.

But realizing that his art is anticipated by his colleagues and not ever existing Ukrainian collectors Alex preserved his passion and search for his own manner of expression when he left for Moscow and began developing his career as a Show designer.

During that period Alex prospered and having received all goods that could give show business, in 1998 he decided to refuse everything and seek for his once abandoned dream of creating his own school and manner, pursuit of human body and fascinating composition as it begins to sound portentous, if not cheerless or clinical.

But in pouncing on composition and in wrestling artistically with it, Alex gains an immediacy and pleasure. Complicated, never repeating characters of his compositions, transmuted not so much brutally as fondly, with the absorbed, never-forgotten awareness that what is passing into pigment on canvas was previously alluring flesh, largely generated with the help of Dante’s “Inferno” “Contemborary tales” by Chaucer, under the influence of medieval literature and masters of classical and medieval art school.

During the last 5-year period Alex’s art underwent significant evolution and only the year 2003 drew out the true character of his art, generally, assembling his face as an artist, retrieving background information that accumulated during lifetime and at last, seeking for implementation. Subsequently, for the last 3 years, Alex’s art evolved into the direction of compositions with a puzzle element when you can retrieve background information, hidden under the cover of, seemly, ordinary figures and shapes interrogations inside a composition’s storyline.

Brodsky - 90x60 cm (35.4x23.6 inch)c Casino o..c 90x100 (35.4x39.3 inch)c Cats - 27_5x19_6 inches rs Crimea flexure of nature God's beverage - 80x60 cm(31.4x23.6 inch) c dreams man_on_ice  Wizzard2 c Wizzard3 c Wizzard4 c