Art classes in London

What we all know is the fact that art classes (London) are probably the most interesting hobby one could images. Therefore, to fully understand the nature of Artacademia`s art classes should we look deeper into it’s filosophy.

From the very beginning, art classes in our studio set the goal to make beginner`s root to true skills as easy as it could be. Moreover, to stengthen that strive for improvement in drawing and fine arts we devided our art classes in London into several groups:

  1. Pencil art classes (London) – here one can discover the verу beginning of educational process as well as those who wish to start with academic level studies could dig deep into form composition, mesurements, precision and beauty in all the elements of realistic drawing.
  2. Oil painting art classes (London) – is an art lesson sessions where one, no metter the initial level of preparation, can try any technique from palite knife to some of major fine painting glaze methods.