Artacademy is an art school with different art lessons for all levels and ages.

Our art studio aside from drawing and art classes has several master-class types, nude art classes, as well as watercolor art classes all held in London city center.

In our school everyone receives personal tasks according to one’s requests and desires.

If you wish to learn how to draw as it shown on the video herein below, please do call us.

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Watercolor art class with expert in aquarell technique

Our professional artists help students with both techniques and styles in order to create the best art work possible. All material including paints, brushes, all necessary additional equipment supplied by our art classes is included in the price.

Artacademia’s key advantage is professional artists who can help with any style nevertheless, every single artist working with our Academy passed special training. We choose the best materials possible for your convenience.

In order to make a choice for the right art class one should answer the following questions:

  • You wish to develop your hobby? – Then, your choice is art classes for adults.
  • There is a necessity to draw portraits or figuratives – figure drawing would be the best choice.
  • If your acquaintance with the art world begins at this very moment – we have art classes for beginners.
  • In case one wishes to enroll in Educational program in some College or Institute – art portfolio preparation classes are for you.
  • If your have a wish or special skills to learn in academic studies, – we have prepared art drawing classes in academic pencil drawing. They include pencil drawing of simple objects, cube, sphere etc, an eye of David, a head of Greek philosophers and full standing human figure.
  • Oil painting classes are for those with strong desire to learn oil painting techniques, with considerable intention to raise the level of mastery. These painting courses suit any level of students from beginner to semi professional artists.

We are happy to teach any techniques and raise academic level of drawing and painting skills among those eager to study and participate in the development of fine art education.

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