Figure drawing art classes

Life drawing is a difficult step toward highest level of art and painting techniques. Here in our studio we pursue excellence in academic drawing of model figure amed at your needs and potential. Whether you are an illustrator for the children`s book or a portrait artist, where you need anatomy for portfolio or medical exams or 2d concept art illustration is your job, we are ready to teach from the very basic level of initial skills.

The model drawing classes devided into 3 Modules 

Beginner level figure drawing  – suitable for newbies and young artists preparing for future college programs.

The module lasts 15 lessons (2 hours each) –  it does include herein below art lessons

  • Simple geometrical figures, ractangle, cube, sphere that help learn mesurement skills for future lessons.
  • Basic anatomy, drawing of the head (plaster model)
  • Drawing of eyes, ear and nose, lmouth of David (plaster models)
  • Hetching, line and soft sketching materials techniques.
Sphere for art classes

Cube (plaster)

Sphere for model drawing lessons


David`s eye for model drwaing lessons

David`s eye (plaster)

Nose David - plaster model drawing

Nose of David (plaster)

Model drawing - David ear

Ear of David


 Intermediate level  – will help artists with basic knowledge of life drawing.

The module lasts 20 lessons (2 hours each) –  it consist of these activities

  • We start wih full head drawing of Dautsean
  • Than proceed to half plaster figure of Heracles (no hands, legs and head)
  • Pencil drawing of Gudon plaster head (Ecorche) – here you will learn to draw the elments that are not evident under the skin but if missed can infulence your ability to grip character of the portrait.
  • The final step is Gudon complete figure (Ecorche plaster) for musle knowledge training
Dautsan life drawing model - plaster











Volter model drawing in plaster

Volter plaster

Heracles - pencil

Heracles – pencil

Academic level of figure drawing – for experienced illustrators, artists who wish to improve fine art technique

The module includes life figure drawing of real human models – 18 sessions (1.5 hours each total approx. 2.5 hourse with 15 min breaks)

Both pencil and oil paints mediums required for academic level but we leave it up to you whether oil painting is critical for your future.

  • Portrait sketching of models in class – artificial light (materials – charcoal, pencil, paper size A2
  • Fine art academic drawing portait in pencil tehcnique (a3 paper size, pencil)
  • Full figure dressed or half dressd in bikini model sketch lessons in soft charcoal manner
  • Nude model man drawing – instudio lesson, artificial light, (pencil on paper A1 size)
  • Nude life drawing woman model – natural light (soft and pencil techniques – A1-A0 paper)
  • Model drawing with oil paints – on demand
Model drawing in class

Sketching of woman figure

Woman figure drawing pencil

Woman figure drawing paper- pencil

Life drawing woman nude

Charcoal – craft, life drawing of a model


Model drawing in class

Materials that you will need for attending our figure drawing lessons

In general our studio provide all necessary material for both drawing and painting. It includes everything from professional easel, lights, pencils, paper, charcoal or sauce, as well as oil paints, palettes, brushes of all kinds but we do not provide canvas for free.

All above mentioned comes from your subscription, ofr example, you wish to pass an intermediate level life drawing course – you can purchase all 20 lessons for just 599£ or pay per lesson 35£.

Schedule for our model drawing lessons

Afternoon 14.00-16.00 Afternoon 14.00-16.00 Afternoon 14.00-16.00 Afternoon 14.00-16.00 Afternoon 14.00-16.00
Evening 16.00-18.00 Evening 16.00-18.00 Evening 16.00-18.00 Evening 16.00-18.00 Evening 16.00-18.00
Evening 19.00-21.00 Evening 19.00-21.00


More information on model drawing classes can be read here